We are an online marketing company that specializes in mobile friendly eCommerce websites and the SEO strategies that are essential to getting found in Google. For companies who sell products online, we offer eCommerce solutions that are built on our own ePrinciples:

1. Make it EASY for customers to buy your product.

  • Categorize products and design site navigation that reduces the number of clicks to get to the product they wish to buy.
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment with single-page checkout. Customers enter all necessary details into one page and click submit – Job done!

2. Make it EFFICIENT for you to operate your shopping cart and deliver your products to your customers

  • Your site be correctly configured for tax and shipping
  • Customized auto respond messages keep your customers informed
  • Easily Add and Edit products, descriptions and pricing to your online store. You don’t need to wait for the webmaster. Our eCommerce platform is designed to be managed by you.

3. EFFECTIVE Search Engine Optimization strategies get your site found by Google.

  • Fully optimize your website and product line so that search engines can find your business and connect you with customers.
  • Each product you sell is an opportunity for promotion

Platform and Scalability

We develop eCommerce sites on the Joomla Content Management System. In addition to being mobile-ready, Joomla’s file structure lends itself perfectly to eCommerce sites and is well-suited to a growing business.
For our shopping cart, we use a comprehensive and customizable eCommerce solution called Virtuemart. This expandable component is designed to work with the Joomla Content Management System. Both are built on and function in a PHP/MySQL environment so you have true compatibility and a powerful database. Also Joomla and Virtuemart are open source software projects and there are numerous popular and highly customizable plug-ins that can be added on or built in to enhance the customer experience. These plug-ins include Forums, Galleries, Guest books, and one of our favorites, a complete email list management and newsletter generator.

Advanced Integration – A smarter way to run your business.

The term eCommerce Solution should be just that – a solution to the challenge of inventory, accounting, shipping, customer management and communications, product management, special offers and more.

We love to help businesses run smarter and we specialize in Integrating Joomla and Virtuemart with other programs that are vital to your business operations. For example, with some custom programing, your online store can sync with Quickbooks and other accounting software packages so that information on customers, sales and shipping flow between your online store and and accounting department. Advanced configuration of your Joomla email plug in can allow you to decide which customers you want to send special offer to and give insight to what geographical areas are responding to your email campaigns, whether that’s a newsletter or a special offer announcement.

Specialized Hosting for eCommerce sites

There are three critical considerations with regards to hosting your eCommerce website.

Uptime, Update and Security

We run our own web servers in a bunkered, biometrically secured data center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that meets PCI compliance standards. Additionally, our servers are monitored 24/7 and we are alerted to any performance issues as soon as they occur. We don’t host sites that we don’t know and we perform hardware and software updates that are vital to website security.

PCI Compliance

If you take payments for your products online, you’ll need an SSL certificate on your website in order to be PCI compliant.


How fast your site loads and responds to each click is important in two ways. First and most obvious, you never want to keep a customer waiting. We are impatient and will not hang around for slow pages to load. Also, slow loading pages make your site look like there is something wrong and your customers will be off to another site.

Customers are not the only audience that likes a quick load! Google wants to see sites that load quickly and efficiently too and much for the same reasons. A slow loading page is a sign of poor coding or other problems. From an SEO perspective, speed is another trust factor that should not be overlooked. Because we run our own servers, we can also fine tune our websites to get the best performance and speed while also offering a super secure environment.